Poll Results: How do you view the current COVID-19 situation?

In last week’s poll, we asked “How do you view the current COVID-19 situation?” A huge number of readers responded, with 1,110 total votes cast. Reactions to the handling of COVID-19 were overwhelmingly positive, with 92.79% (1,030 readers) feeling that “Things are improving – the death rate is falling.”

The remaining readers were split between “I am not sure” and “Things are getting worse – cases are on the rise,” with 5.95% (66 readers) and 1.26% (14 readers), respectively.

In July, a similar question was posed to readers, and outlooks on the situation have improved. The earlier poll also saw “Things are improving” as the leading answer of the 833 respondents, with 77.79% (648 readers) of the vote. Only 7.8% (65 readers) stated that “Things were getting worse” and 14.41% (120 readers) were “Not sure.”

The United States, along with most of the world, has now endured over half of the year dealing with COVID-19. Virus cases rose when businesses and workplaces reopened following lockdown, but the death rate has since lowered. It will be interesting to see if the feelings of readers translate to the general population around the United States and beyond.

Disclaimer: These polls are to measure the opinions of our readers, and the results reflect the views of those who choose to respond. These polls are opinion-based and not proven, nor based on scientific methods of sampling, data collection, and analysis. We encourage all readers to be informed and educated based on scientific methods of data collections.