Newt’s World – Episode 155: Honest Election Chronicles – Georgia Guest: David Shafer and Lyndsey Rudder

This is the first episode in a new series where I am going state by state looking at how voting irregularities occur in our elections. We want every legal vote to count.  But only the legal ones. In Georgia, the race between President Trump and Vice President Biden was very close, they only differed by 12,284 votes. And the race in Georgia isn’t over, with two Senate run-off elections in January that will determine the Democrat or Republican control of the U.S. Senate.  Newt’s guests are David Shafer and Lyndsey Rudder.

Guests: Lyndsey Rudder and David Shafer

Georgia GOP

Stop Voter Fraud in Georgia

Secure the Vote


Floyd County Election Director Fired

Georgia Certifies Biden’s Victory

Importance of Georgia’s Senate Races

Georgia’s Senate Races Determine Senate Control