Newt Gingrich Audio Update: Biden Can’t Solve Our Nation’s Problems

The most remarkable part of President Biden’s address last night was seeing the sheer number of problems in our country that his administration can’t solve. Republicans must step up as leaders and do what the President won’t to help our country.  

Last night, the entire world watched the incredibly strange show of President Biden talking to a semi-empty House chamber. The most remarkable part of the night, however, was seeing the sheer number of things that the Biden administration can’t solve. We have a crisis at our southern border. We’ve had the largest nationwide increase in crime and murder rates in American history this past year. We have the beginning of real inflation setting in, affecting prices of food, housing, and gasoline. We have countless foreign policy issues with the Chinese Communist Party, Russia, and Iran. And Biden has no solutions for these issues.  

The Biden administration reminds me of the early phase of the Jimmy Carter administration when the news media liked him. Carter was supposed to be brilliant. But at the end of the day, he couldn’t govern — just like Biden can’t govern now. We’re in a time of great change, and Republicans have a great opportunity to take advantage of Biden and the Democrats’ mistakes.  

– Newt

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