Newt Gingrich Audio: Chinese Influence in the US – Tip of the Iceberg

Audio: Chinese Influence in the US – Tip of the Iceberg

Listen in to hear from Newt about two projects he is studying. The first is on the media’s effort to make Hunter Biden UNTOUCHABLE despite him taking money from entities in Russia, China, and Ukraine. The second involves Mark Kelly, Democrat candidate for US Senate in Arizona. He also made a great deal of money from work with allies in communist China.

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Americans Deserve a Better Debate

Last night’s first presidential debate was a major disappointment – no matter who you are for.

The number of people who told me today they turned off the debate after 15 or 20 minutes was sobering.

Joe Biden Presidential Debate

Which Joe Biden Will Show Up Tuesday?

The Joe Biden we have been watching since he clinched the Democratic nomination has been more and more incompetent and unpredictable. He hides in the Wilmington, Delaware basement about half the time (specifically, there have been scant interactions between the Democratic Presidential candidate and the news media or the public in recent days).

Judge Amy Coney Barrett

The Democrats’ Dilemma with Judge Amy Coney Barrett

President Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett creates a real dilemma for the Democrats. Since President Ronald Reagan nominated Judge Robert Bork to replace Justice Lewis Powell on the Supreme Court in 1987, the Democrats have followed a policy of harshness and ruthlessness in going after Republican Supreme Court nominees.