Biden: The Ineffective Statesman

By Aaron Kliegman | July 7, 2020

Biden claims his experience in foreign policy is an asset. In reality, it may be one of Biden’s biggest weaknesses. Anecdotes of tough talking dictators and becoming friends with democratic leaders sound nice, but when they’re proven to be ineffective, they’re just empty stories. Combine that with plain old bad decision making, and you get someone who absolutely should not be commander in chief.

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Palestinians Have Only Themselves to Blame for Israeli ‘Annexation’

By Aaron Kliegman | July 2, 2020

If the voices that so readily condemn Israel truly want peace, maybe they should hold the Palestinians accountable every once in a while. After all, if the Palestinians are looking for anyone to blame for their plight, they should look in the mirror first.

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Now We See the Greatest Danger of the Russia Probe

By Aaron Kliegman | July 1, 2020

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that press reports based on anonymous sources leaking sensitive information should be taken seriously but viewed skeptically. Sadly, we’ve seen too many examples of such stories being factually inaccurate and of experts, journalists, and politicians weaponizing the press to achieve political ends — namely, to hurt President Trump politically.

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China Wants the World, and Don’t Forget It

By Aaron Kliegman | June 26, 2020

For decades, American elites argued that China would, over time, become a democracy through trade, global interdependence, and greater economic freedom. The theory was logical but wrong.

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How Not to Fight Racism: A Progressive Guide

By Aaron Kliegman | June 24, 2020

Since George Floyd’s killing, woke progressives have been teaching a master class on how to perpetuate racism. But the fact remains that the protests and riots, the toppling of statues and vandalizing of monuments, and the visceral hostility toward law enforcement all ensure that intolerance is here to stay.

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Bill de Blasio Continues to Target New York’s Jews

By Aaron Kliegman | June 19, 2020

Protesters can pile on top of each other by the thousands and New Yorkers can enjoy parks in some areas, but Jewish children, restless from being quarantined, are unable to play outside and breathe fresh air. The hypocrisy is remarkable.

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The Rioters Are Trying to Erase History

By Aaron Kliegman | June 17, 2020

Over the past couple of weeks, protesters and rioters have demolished statues and other historical monuments across America and Europe.

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The Coming Nuclear Crisis With Iran — Better Now Than Later

By Aaron Kliegman | June 12, 2020

Foreign policy usually comes down to a choice between bad and worse — or, at least bad and less bad, for those optimists out there. I know, it’s not exactly inspiring — but it’s the truth. The lesser evil may cause contention, even conflict, but ultimately it will be less destructive than the alternative. Such is the case with America’s effort to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

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The Anti-Fascist Fascists

By Aaron Kliegman | June 10, 2020

No word in the English language is weaponized more freely and recklessly by people who don’t know what it means than “fascism.”

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China Just Gave the US a Huge Strategic Opportunity

By Aaron Kliegman | June 5, 2020
US and China Flags Newt Gingrich

Buried in the news cycle, lost amid the flames and broken glass from the rioting and looting across America, is a potentially tectonic shift in global geopolitics. We could already be at a major strategic turning point in the nascent Cold War between the US and China — but only if Washington takes advantage of Beijing’s recent blunders.

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