Louie Brogdon

Perfecting Turkey for Two

By Louie Brogdon | November 20, 2020
Mrs. S Turkey Gravey

COVID-19 will doubtlessly shrink Thanksgiving feasts across the country this week. Many families will simply decide it’s not worth potentially putting loved ones in danger for the sake of sharing a meal – tradition or no.
Aside from emotional heartache and an injured sense of nostalgia, this creates a new, practical dilemma which will foil many family cooks. Why spend hours cooking a giant turkey for just a few people?

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Artemis Accords and the Legacy of American Leadership and Peacekeeping

By Louie Brogdon | October 19, 2020
Artemis Accords Louie Brogden

The news cycle is overwhelmed by election coverage – understandably so – but history was made this week, and Americans should take note.

The United States and seven other nations signed the Artemis Accords on Tuesday.

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