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Newt’s World – Episode 82: How New York Failed Its Citizens – The Spread of COVID-19 – Part 1

By Newt Gingrich | May 31, 2020
Gingrich 360 What Newt's Reading | July 22, 2020

How did the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, mismanage the spread of COVID-19 and fail to put measures in place to slow the spread of the virus? Newt’s guest is former New York Lt. Governor, Dr. Betsy McCaughey.

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The First Rule of Riots: Stop Them

By Newt Gingrich | May 29, 2020
Newt Gingrich Audio: Portland has Turned the Corner

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis is a complete outrage.The complete failure of Minneapolis officials to stop and prevent the ensuing riot is a second outrage.

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Cheerful Persistence in Space

By Newt Gingrich | May 28, 2020

On Saturday, we will once again be watching NASA’s coverage and sending our best wishes and prayers to the brave Americans who are leading us into the future.

I hope you will watch, too.

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Newt’s World – Episode 81: Ring of Fire

By Newt Gingrich | May 28, 2020
Newt Gingrich Newts World Ring of Fire

What can we learn from seismic activity on “The Ring of Fire?” Will a massive earthquake hit the West Coast of the United States? Newt’s guest is Harold Tobin, Director of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN).

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Newt’s World – Episode 80: American Crusade: Our Fight to Stay Free

By Newt Gingrich | May 24, 2020
Pete Hegseth Newt's World Podcast

There is a political and cultural fight for America’s freedom. Newt’s guest is Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Pete Hegseth. Author of the new book, “American Crusade: Our Fight to Stay Free”.

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Newt’s World – Episode 79: Pelosi’s Radical $3 Trillion Bill

By Newt Gingrich | May 23, 2020
Newt Gingrich Audio Update: Pelosi Denies a Soldier Access to his Mother’s Inauguration into Congress

On May 15, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats passed an 1,815-page bill disguised as another stimulus package. This $3 trillion dollar bill is really the radical left’s wish list for America. It would send checks to people in the country illegally, allow mail-in ballots with no ID verification, release dangerous prisoners, and bail out blue states.

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The Payroll Tax Cut is a Moral and Cultural Issue

By Newt Gingrich | May 12, 2020
Memory Holes, Mobs and Speaker Pelosi

The fight which is beginning over whether to cut the payroll tax is much more than an economic or political issue.

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Newt’s World Episode – 77: COVID-19 Health Care Breakthroughs – Vaccine Development

By Newt Gingrich | May 8, 2020
Propaganda Media and Coronavirus Lies

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are working together to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. Newt talks with Dr. Mark Poznansky, from Massachusetts General Hospital who is currently working with HaloVax, LLC to develop a vaccine.

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Audio: Election Alert – New Concerns Ahead of the November Election

By Newt Gingrich | May 2, 2020
Biden Destroying America Podcast

Following up on his latest newsletter article “Trump, Truman and Biden,” Newt addresses some new concerns that the Democrats may be conspiring to steal votes in the upcoming presidential election.

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Trump, Truman and Biden

By Newt Gingrich | May 1, 2020
Trump and Pence at the White House

As a student of history, it is painful to watch today’s so-called reporters and analysts pontificate about the Nov. 3, 2020 election outcome. We are currently six months away from that event.

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