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What Newt’s Reading | July 3, 2020

What Newt’s Reading: Are We Being Set Up for Another Stunning Trump Win?; Under Sworn Testimony, Planned Parenthood Officials Admit Infanticide Occurs in Organ Harvesting; A School Choice Landmark; Union Exploiting COVID-19 Crisis for Contract Gains; Oh, Brother: Dems Can’t Even Condemn China’s Role in the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Aaron Kliegman Now We See the Greatest Danger of the Russia Probe

Now We See the Greatest Danger of the Russia Probe

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that press reports based on anonymous sources leaking sensitive information should be taken seriously but viewed skeptically. Sadly, we’ve seen too many examples of such stories being factually inaccurate and of experts, journalists, and politicians weaponizing the press to achieve political ends — namely, to hurt President Trump politically.

Gingrich 360 What Newt's Reading | July 1, 2020

What Newt’s Reading | July 1, 2020

What Newt’s Reading: 3 Recent Signs Democrats Want a Socialist Revolution; Passive Right Reaps What the Left Has Sown; I’m Leaving Seattle for Texas So My Employees Can Be Free; US Pending Home Sales See Record-Breaking Rebound in May; and What James Van Allen Got Wrong About NASA’s International Space Station.

Joe Biden on the Campiagn

The Propaganda Media’s Polling Offensive

Just remember: When you see the propaganda media trying to make Republicans feel bad by emphasizing carefully selected facts, they are just being who they are. When we win, election night it is going to be an amazing moment as the country repudiates the powers that be. The stories the next day will be fascinating.

Gingrich 360 Poll: Joe Biden's Vulnerability

Biden in His Own Words – Foreign Policy and China

President Trump has been the toughest American leader when it comes to China in modern history. Has Biden forgotten President Trump’s aggressive – and successful – trade fight with China? Has his campaign decided to ignore President Trump’s sharp criticism (and tough actions) against the Chinese Communist Party once it was clear China’s leadership had lied to the world about COVID-19?

What Could be Nancy Pelosi's Role in the 2020 Election

Pelosi’s Radical Bill – Part 5: Economic Recovery

Nancy Pelosi’s radical $3 trillion bill has many provisions in it, that if passed, would dramatically change our country. In this episode, Newt discusses how Pelosi’s bill will slow down the economic recovery. Part 5 of a special podcast series detailing Nancy Pelosi’s so called, HEROES Act.

Chicago Crime 2021

Do Black Lives Matter in Chicago

With at least 102 Americans shot and at least 13 dead and the likelihood that many of these victims were African Americans – where is the organization called Black Lives Matter in Chicago?

Newt Gingrich Trump Is Trying to Counter Foreign Influence, Not Invite It

China Wants the World, and Don’t Forget It

For decades, American elites argued that China would, over time, become a democracy through trade, global interdependence, and greater economic freedom. The theory was logical but wrong.