The Trump Presidency That Could Have Been

The Trump Presidency That Could Have Been

Imagine how much more President Donald Trump and his team could have accomplished if they had not had to spend so much of their time and energy preparing for depositions and defending themselves against lies and false charges.

Newt Gingrich Nancy Pelosi's gas price

Speaker Pelosi, Meet King Canute

We are being told by Speaker Pelosi and her Big Government Socialist followers that the historically high gasoline and diesel fuel prices – which were caused by President Joe Biden’s assault on the oil and gas industry – can be undone by government price controls.

Newt Gingrich The Queen and 13 American Presidents

The Queen and 13 American Presidents

Queen Elizabeth is a truly historic figure. There is something amazing and fascinating about a woman who has served her country at the highest level for 70 years.

Newt Gingrich Gender Identity v3

Gender Identity: Total Confusion

LSAT questionnaire is a good example of the kind of insidious, pro-radical lifestyle biases and prejudices which are being introduced at every level of American society.