Kamala Harris

Audio: When was Kamala telling the truth? A preview of what’s to come.

I am working on a newsletter about Kamala Harris being an anti-Catholic bigot. But in the middle of my research, I discovered that there were four different times in the debates where she really viciously attacked Biden. And she has now repudiated each of the four. So an old trial lawyer approach would be to show the first attack and then show her repudiating it.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer

Audio: Make Pelosi and Schumer Absolutely Irrelevant and Lets Revitalize America

Having been through a lot of negotiations, including the budget negotiations of the 1990s, I think President Trump should ignore the current stimulus bill negotiations. I think he should figure out every possible executive order that moves the system in his direction and go about the process of just deciding he’s going to revitalize America. He’s going to take care of opening up the schools and try to do everything he can to make Pelosi and Schumer absolutely irrelevant.

Newt Gingrich Audio: Democrats Come Full Circle to Weaken America

Audio: Democrats Come Full Circle to Weaken America

Senator Chuck Schumer’s announcement that he supports getting a vote on Senator Sanders’s amendment to take 10% out of the defense budget brings us to a full circle. “Defund the military” now joins “defund the police” as the key to the modern Democratic Party’s understanding of reality: Weaken America at home by cutting police and weakening America overseas by cutting the military.