The U.S. Must Call for Justice for Bishop Rolando Álvarez

The recent sentencing of Bishop Álvarez makes clear that the United States must call for his release and hold the Ortega-Murillo regime accountable for the repression of its people and its persecution of the Catholic Church.

Callista Gingrich Answering Pope Francis's Call to Respect Women in South Sudan WS

Answering Pope Francis’s Call to Respect Women in South Sudan

By offering young women the opportunity to pursue a better future for themselves and for their country, Sister Orla Treacy and the Loreto Rumbek Mission are an answer to Pope Francis’s call to give the women and girls of South Sudan the honor, respect, and appreciation they deserve.

Bipartisan Concerns Over China Are Increasing

Aside from decrying the Chinese spy balloon that was shot down this weekend, Democrats are now also joining their GOP counterparts against TikTok and the national security problems it poses.