Memory Holes, Mobs and Speaker Pelosi

Memory Holes, Mobs, and Speaker Pelosi

The one-woman mob inside the Capitol, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, decided on her own to take down four paintings of Speakers of the House who had served the Confederacy. They will now be hidden in the Pelosi memory hole.

NY City Mayor Bill De Blasio

Bill de Blasio Continues to Target New York’s Jews

Protesters can pile on top of each other by the thousands and New Yorkers can enjoy parks in some areas, but Jewish children, restless from being quarantined, are unable to play outside and breathe fresh air. The hypocrisy is remarkable.

Joe Biden Campaign

Poll Results: Poll Results: Who are Joe Biden’s “Not Very Good People?” are just not very good people

In case you missed it, Joe Biden made his declaration at the beginning of June while speaking to a group of Black supporters. The former vice president told the supporters that most Americans were decent people. However, he followed this statement with his comment that “there are probably anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of the people out there that are just not very good people.” We still are unsure what group he was talking about, but our readers have shared their ideas.

Columbus Statues Erasing History

The Rioters Are Trying to Erase History

Over the past couple of weeks, protesters and rioters have demolished statues and other historical monuments across America and Europe.

Three Generations of Brainwashing Pays Off For The Left by Newt Gingrich

Three Generations of Brainwashing Pays Off For The Left

As we watch radicals tear down statues, deface monuments, intimidate people who want to stand for the National Anthem, demand the firing of people who write or say something deemed inappropriate to the Leftist Anti-American Theology, it is utterly clear that many Americans today hate America.

What Newt's Reading Trump at Georgia Rally

What Newt’s Reading | June 17, 2020

What Newt is reading: ‘We’re Thinking Landslide’: Beyond DC, GOP Officials See Trump on Glide Path to Reelection; Biden Calls Senate Republicans ‘So Damn Stupid’ Over $3T Coronavirus Bill; A Real Market in Medical Care? Singapore Shows the Way; Of Course There Is Systemic Racism in America and It’s in the Democratic Party; and Trayvon Martin’s Mother Calls for More Cops, Says She Disagrees With Calls to ‘Defund’ Police: Report.