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China Just Gave the US a Huge Strategic Opportunity

Buried in the news cycle, lost amid the flames and broken glass from the rioting and looting across America, is a potentially tectonic shift in global geopolitics. We could already be at a major strategic turning point in the nascent Cold War between the US and China — but only if Washington takes advantage of Beijing’s recent blunders.

Newt Gingrich A Critical Turning Point for US-China Policy

A Critical Turning Point for US-China Policy

As the United States copes with the aftermath of the horrific killing of George Floyd by police in Minnesota and the massive protests that came after, we must not forget our previous crisis – the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gingrich 360 Biden in His Own Words – Same-Sex Marriage

Biden in His Own Words – Same-Sex Marriage

Likely Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has had a long career. He has around 40 years of political involvement, which grants time for evolution. His stances today are not what they were, and it could be commendable.

Gingrich 360 Poll Results: Voter Fraud

Poll Results: Voter Fraud

Voter fraud is becoming an important topic of debate today. The likelihood of voter fraud is subjective among many experts. But, with Pelosi’s $3-trillion radical bill, it seems that voter fraud would be easier than ever to accomplish.

Gingrich 360 What Newt's Reading: June 3, 2020

What Newt’s Reading: June 3, 2020

What Newt is reading: Laws Against Rioting and Terrorism Must Be Enforced, Biden Staff Donate to Group That Pays Bail in Riot-Torn Minneapolis, In 2020, the GOP Should Bet the House and NASA: We’re Going Back to the Moon, and Beyond