Washington Realities versus American Realities Newt Gingrich May 2021

Washington Reality vs. American Reality

The challenge for Republicans is to ignore the Washington gossip and focus on the potentially giant hurricane of anti-leftwing repudiation looming on the horizon. American reality must drown the Washington reality.

Winston Churchill Hamas Israel Newt Gingrich 2021 May

It’s Time to Stop Feeding the Crocodile in Gaza

President Joe Biden needs to take a lesson from Churchill and accept the Hamas for who and what they are — immoral, anti-Semitic murderers. The American government must step up like Churchill and counter the threat Hamas pose for all Israelis.

Newt and Callista Joint Piece Armed Forces Day

Celebrating our Heroes on Armed Forces Day

The security of our freedom, democracy, and homeland are made possible through the selfless courage, patriotism, and sacrifice of our American military heroes and their families. May God continue to bless and protect them.

The Chinese Communists Get American Aid Newt Gingrich Claire Christensen

The Chinese Communists Get American Aid

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as the United States rapidly distributed emergency loans as part of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to help struggling businesses, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dictatorship saw an opportunity for American money and took it.

Newt Gingrich The Facebook Oligarchs Betrayal of America

The Facebook Oligarchs’ Betrayal of America

The Silicon Valley is looking a lot more like the Silicon Swamp—hostile to Americans and friendly to dictatorships. If the Facebook oligarchs can silence someone who served as President of the United States and received nearly 75 million votes, then they can silence anyone.

Newt Gingrich Bidens Hidden Tax Increase

Biden’s Hidden Tax Increase

Inflation is a hidden tax. It is a powerful (and often unseen and unstoppable) way for a government to pay for its goods and services without raising visible taxes that make people angry.

Newt Gingrich A Tale of Two Speeches

A Tale of Two Speeches

The depth and seriousness of the reaction to big spending, big government liberalism was captured in the strong response of Senator Tim Scott’s rebuttal immediately after the Biden speech.

Newt Gingrich America Last- President Joe Biden’s First 100 Days

America Last: President Joe Biden’s First 100 Days

With the exception of the breakout of the Civil War at the onset of Lincoln’s presidency, the Biden administration’s first 100 days have been the most radical in American history.

Newt Gingrich The Anti-American Administration

The Anti-American Administration

The CCP will have no need to prepare long-winded lectures or create original content for their propaganda outlets instead they only need to quote the Biden administration’s attacks against the U.S.