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Mistreatment of National Guard is a National Disgrace

By Margaret Smith | March 12, 2021

Members of the National Guard are being forced to stay at the Capitol and protect our lawmakers from imagined threats. If government wants to force them to stay, it is only right that they start adhering to two rules: Treat the National Guard with the utmost respect, and crack down with police force the next time a BLM riot happens. Otherwise, the White House and Congress need to send the National Guard home.

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Bipartisan Baloney—The Only True News is Our News

By Stetson Bryson | March 1, 2021

Big tech has now become a partisan battle ground—Democrats calling for more censorship and control, and Republicans believing Silicon Valley has already done too much.

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Bipartisan Baloney—Security, Security, Security

By Stetson Bryson | February 22, 2021

Since the egregious Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has gone all in on security. It is understandable. Following the riot, members of Congress and their staffs have felt unsafe. But Speaker Pelosi has had a myopic focus solely on Trump-Republicans, rather than true safety.

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Bipartisan Baloney – Prelude to the Nuclear Arms Race of 2030

By Margaret Smith | February 15, 2021

If Biden rejoins the Iran Nuclear Deal without Republican support, he is sending the world the message that his party loyalty is bigger than the major policy goals of the United States.

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Bipartisan Baloney – The High Courts Reformation

By Stetson Bryson | February 8, 2021

Under the direction of the White House Counsel’s office, the bipartisan Supreme Court Commission plans to study reforms for the Supreme Court and federal judiciary. Many Republicans in Congress fear the commission is the first step to appeasing progressive groups’ calls to expand the Court’s bench.

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Bipartisan Baloney – Impeachment Reveals Democrats’ Broken Promises

By Margaret Smith | January 29, 2021

If Democrats continue to push the impeachment issue with their current level of aggression, the trial will have negative repercussions on the government as a whole. In fact, the increased polarization (who knew it could get worse after Trump?) is already starting to happen.

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Bipartisan Baloney: Nuking the Electoral College

By Margaret Smith | January 15, 2021

For those who are new to contemporary American politics, those on the Left have a ruthless edge to them. The Democratic Party is set to control all elected branches of the US government in a few days, but that has not stopped some veteran Democratic congressmen from trying to consolidate power further.

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