Generation Z is tired of the insanity, the cancel culture and the indoctrination.  Now more than ever, Generation Z is in desperate need of a voice.  CJ Pearson is that voice.

CJ Pearson UNCENSORED – Episode 7: America Needs YOU Featuring Scott Presler

By C.J. Pearson | December 11, 2020

CJ Pearson is back with another push for young conservatives to get involved to Stop The Steal and make sure the GOP holds the Senate. Scott Presler joins the conversation to discuss how he went from the doghouse to the White House and what made him get involved in one of the largest grassroots movements ever. CJ also recaps his trip to Tennessee where he came into contact with a few unexpected wild animals.

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CJ Pearson UNCENSORED – Episode 6: Unleash The Kraken

By C.J. Pearson | December 4, 2020

CJ discusses the craziest week in Georgia history, how he has been chosen as a plaintiff in the case against Governor Kemp and how we fight before he has to make his Electoral College vote in the state of Georgia.

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CJ Pearson UNCENSORED – Episode 5: Black Lies Matter featuring Christian Walker

By C.J. Pearson | November 27, 2020

As two young Black Conservatives, CJ Pearson and Christian Walker have a raw and unfiltered conversation on how they approach not checking the intersectional boxes that the Left wants them to. How did they reacted to the murder of George Floyd and the violent riots that followed? They invite the youth to join the Conservative movement to change the world for the future. CJ also breaks down the hypocrisy from the Left on celebrating Thanksgiving.

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CJ Pearson UNCENSORED – Episode 4: We’re Not Going Away Quietly with Brandon Straka

By C.J. Pearson | November 19, 2020

Since Election Day, patriotic Americans have been fighting to protect the integrity of our elections. On this episode, CJ recounts his time at the Million MAGA March in Washington, DC and discusses with Brandon Straka, founder of the #WalkAway campaign, why even Joe Biden supporters should back the Stop the Steal movement. CJ also digs into what it was like to witness Antifa’s violence firsthand and the importance of the Georgia Senate runoff elections.

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CJ Pearson UNCENSORED – Episode 3: I’m Done With Cowards

By C.J. Pearson | November 13, 2020

CJ Pearson discusses why Republicans need to stop being cowards and fight about rather than give into the left.

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CJ Pearson UNCENSORED – Episode 2: Do You Think We’re Stupid??

By C.J. Pearson | November 5, 2020
CJ Pearson Uncensored Fighting for President Trump

The Left is actively working to steal this election from President Trump and overturn the will of the people. We can either roll over or fight back.

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CJ Pearson UNCENSORED – Episode 1: The Life of College Conservative

By C.J. Pearson | November 3, 2020
CJ Pearson Uncensored Podcast

CJ Pearson is everything the Left hates: young, black, and unapologetically conservative. Generation Z is tired of the insanity: tired of the cancel culture, indoctrination, and tired of being of told what to think and not how to think.

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