Follow the Profit with David Grasso

David Grasso is the host of the Follow the Profit podcast.  He is also CEO of Bold TV, a media organization dedicated to empowering young Americans to take charge of their economic future through entrepreneurship.

Follow the Profit – Episode 2: Making Real Estate Reachable To Investors

By David Grasso | January 3, 2021

Host David Grasso talks to real estate entrepreneur Philip Michael about his goal to get people to make money in real estate. We also explain how not to let debt own you, how to prioritize time over money and learning to financially thrive by listening to others.

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Follow the Profit – Episode 1: Need an Expert? Just look in the mirror!

By David Grasso | December 18, 2020

Host David Grasso talks to the co-founder of Square (those phone attachments that scan your credit cards) about the real meaning of the word entrepreneur and how far you have to look when searching for an expert. We also look into how to properly teach your kids about money, dealing with your fear of the stock market, and identifying when you have an actual financial loss.

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