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Join professor, historian, futurist and former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich as he shares his lifetime of knowledge and access to the world’s most interesting minds in a dynamic, multi-weekly podcast that covers all aspects of our society.

Newt’s World – Episode 123: The Truth about Soros DA’s Guest Jason Johnson

By Newt Gingrich | September 12, 2020
George Soros Newt Gingrich Newt's World Podcast

Does the rise in crime in some of our major American cities correlate to the election of so-called progressive prosecutors? These “reform” district attorneys have immense potential to reshape the justice system as a whole. Newt’s guest is Jason Johnson, President of Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund.

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Newt’s World – Episode 122: Kamala Harris – In Her Own Words

By Newt Gingrich | September 10, 2020
Radical Kamala Harris

Democratic vice-presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, is more left leaning than Joe Biden and more liberal, almost radical, than any of us realize. But her beliefs are clear in her statements. Hear what she has to say in her own words.

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Newt’s World – Episode 121: Bill O’Reilly on Killing Crazy Horse

By Newt Gingrich | September 6, 2020
Bill O'Reilly Killing Crazy Horse Newt's World Podcast

Native Americans and settlers clashed in bloody battles across the United States for 78 years, from 1812 to 1890. We’ve heard of Cochise, Crazy Horse, Geronimo and Sitting Bull but we don’t know the full story. Bill O’Reilly’s ninth book in the Killing series is gripping journey through the clashes in the American West. Killing Crazy Horse: The Most Merciless Indian Wars in America. Newt’s guest is Bill O’Reilly.

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Newt’s World – Episode 120: COVID-19 Vaccine Guest Dr. Tal Zaks, Moderna

By Newt Gingrich | September 5, 2020
COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna Newt's World Podcast

Scientists are racing to create a vaccine for COVID-19 in less than one year. Cambridge, Massachusetts based biotechnology company, Moderna, Inc. and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases have co-developed the vaccine known as mRNA-1273, which is now in Phase 3 clinical trials with 30,000 adult volunteers. For an update on the phase 3 trials, Newt is joined by Dr. Tal Zaks, Chief Medical Officer at Moderna.

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Newt’s World – Episode 119: Pelosi’s Blowout Could Lead to a Blowout Election

By Newt Gingrich | September 4, 2020
Nancy Pelosi Hair Blow Out Newt Gingrich

Nancy Pelosi’s hair cut during the COVID-19 lockdown is just the tip of the iceberg. Liberal Democrat elected officials who consider themselves part of an elite class, administer one set of rules for the public, while doing whatever they want for themselves and their families. Newt provides multiple examples of this aristocratic hypocrisy.

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Newt’s World – Episode 118: Liberal Privilege – A Conversation with Donald Trump Jr.

By Newt Gingrich | September 2, 2020
Donald Trump Jr. Newt's World Podcast

Newt is joined by Donald Trump Jr. to discuss his new book, Liberal Privilege: Joe Biden and the Democrats’ Defense of the Indefensible.

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Newt’s World – Episode 117: The Immortals: Dwight D. Eisenhower – Part 2

By Newt Gingrich | August 30, 2020
Dwight D. Eisenhower Newt's World Podcast

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during World War II and the 34th President of the United States from 1953-1961. In Part 2: Newt describes Eisenhower’s leadership from the D-Day invasion of Normandy to his run for the presidency in 1952.

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Newt’s World – Episode 116: Election 2020 – Republican National Convention

By Newt Gingrich | August 29, 2020
Republican National Convention Newt's World Podcast

Newt shares his reaction to the 2020 Republican National Convention. A recap of an incredible week of stand out speeches, patriotism and pageantry.

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Newt’s World – Episode 115: Shut Your Mouth – The New Totalitarians of the Left Part 6: Entertainment

By Newt Gingrich | August 27, 2020
Newt's World - Episode 115: Shut Your Mouth – The New Totalitarians of the Left Part 6: Entertainment

Are we living in George Orwell’s 1984? We are in the midst of a disturbing new movement in America. A movement where the new totalitarians on the left are controlling the narrative and the agenda and demanding that those who disagree lose their jobs. Newt discusses how liberals in the entertainment industry black list conservative authors and actors in Part 6 of a special podcast series.

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Newt’s World – Episode 114: The War on the Suburbs

By Newt Gingrich | August 26, 2020
Washington War on the Suburbs Newt's World Podcast

There is a war on the suburbs in this country, when Washington bureaucrats come into your town and force changes in local zoning laws in the name of fair housing. This is how one county in New York fought back. Newt’s guest is Rob Astorino, former Westchester County Executive.

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Newt’s World – Episode 113: Why is Rob Smith Problematic?

By Newt Gingrich | August 23, 2020
Rob Smith Podcast Rob Smith is Problematic

Introducing “America’s Favorite Black, Gay, Veteran, Republican” Rob Smith. Rob lets the radical left know they don’t own him, but his problematic views sometimes rattle conservatives too. His new podcast, Rob Smith is Problematic, is part of the Gingrich 360 network.

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Newt’s World – Episode 112: Election 2020 – Democratic National Convention

By Newt Gingrich | August 22, 2020
Democratic National Convention 2020

Newt describes his personal experiences of being involved in conventions of years past and the enthusiasm of the convention delegates and participants. He shares his reaction to the 2020 Democratic National Convention and how the pandemic has changed the convention experience.

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