The Case Against Biden (in His Own Words)

There was a lot to regret about this election cycle – social media oligopolies abandoned every vestige of impartiality, American cities went up in flames as racial tensions reached a fever pitch, the mainstream media turned into a protection racket for the candidate they favored and a pandemic arrived from China just when it seemed like President Trump was coasting to re-election. However, given all that, one should be thankful for the perspective this election cycle has provided.

Biden in His Own Words: A Debate to Forget

Entering Thursday’s debate, the Trump campaign faced two challenges: getting the President’s points past the moderator and avoiding ill-advised interruptions that cut into Biden’s string of bland platitudes. Not only did President Trump avoid those pitfalls, but Joe Biden committed himself to policy positions that appeal to nobody outside community organizing collectives and tenured college faculty.

Biden in His Own Words: A Hunter Special

It is no secret that Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden does not respond well to being questioned about his son’s dealings. In an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show in February, Biden was asked by co-host Savannah Guthrie about whether Hunter Biden should not have taken a position on the board of Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, as the company viewed his appointment as a means to get to then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden In His Own Words: Anti-Semitism

This rhetoric, comparing the Trump administration to Germany’s third Reich, has unfortunately moved passed what would normally be dismissed as Facebook clickbait.

Biden In His Own Words: Three Types of Ice Cream

The unfortunate death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the back half of what is quickly becoming a contentious Presidential election has opened a can of worms.

Biden In His Own Words: Defund the Police

During the softball game of the century, Democratic nominee Joe Biden took on wave after wave of questions from an overwhelming Democratic audience in Moosic, PA, last Thursday night. He hardly broke a sweat. For those few who put up a relatively stiff, albeitbrief, resistance, Biden was able to win over these outliers with his “folksy banter.” The disarming of his opposition was especially made easy given the fact that he had met with some of them in the past. This was the case for retired police chief and Wilkes-Barre Councilman Bill Barrett, who tried to push Biden on his stance on Law-and-Order but was instead initially greeted with, “Chief, didn’t I meet you when you were Chief?” (00:05:20). Even with an easy line-up of questions, Biden still managed to ensnare himself in a series of missteps.

Newt’s World – Episode 122: Kamala Harris – In Her Own Words

Democratic vice-presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, is more left leaning than Joe Biden and more liberal, almost radical, than any of us realize. But her beliefs are clear in her statements. Hear what she has to say in her own words.

Biden in His Own Words – Frack You Pennsylvania!

Joe Biden and the Democratic party have had a hard time defining their specific policy plans should Biden win in November, and Biden’s speech in Pittsburg last Monday was no better. In fact, Biden’s Pittsburgh speech highlights just how confused his party’s policy plans are by putting his comments about fracking in direct opposition with his democratic debate position on the topic.