Callista Gingrich The Pursuit of a More Perfect Union

The Pursuit of a More Perfect Union

The pursuit of a more perfect union requires a truthful understanding of our nation’s history and an unwavering commitment to America’s founding principles. America needs teachers and others to continue the work of the 1776 Commission.

Ambassador Callista L Gingrich India's Anti Religious Freedom Laws

India’s Anti-Religious Freedom Laws

India must repeal its anti-conversion laws. The right to worship freely is an unalienable right that should not be limited or confined by state borders.

The Importance of the Commission on Unalienable Rights

The United States has long been the leading supporter and defender of universal human rights. It is critical that U.S. foreign policy continues to protect the unalienable, God-given rights of all human beings in cooperation with our partners and allies.

The Human Crisis at the U.S. Southern Border

Ultimately, a compassionate border policy will encourage legal immigration, celebrate diversity, and will not benefit violent criminals who prey on, abuse, or exploit migrants. In order for new policies to combat human trafficking at our border to be effective, we must understand the devastating truths that surround this crisis.

The Xinjiang Genocide

The Chinese Communist Party’s genocide against the Uyghurs and other Muslim ethnic minorities is a devastating tragedy. The United States must continue to stand against these gruesome attacks on religious freedom and human dignity and invite our partners and allies to join in opposition to end the CCP’s violence and oppression in Xinjiang.

Pope Francis: The “Pilgrim of Peace”

Despite the tragedy, violence, and loss that have been experienced by Christians and other persecuted communities throughout the Middle East, Pope Francis, a pilgrim of peace, brought hope, healing, and encouragement to the people of Iraq.