Newt’s World – Episode 139: Trump’s America Part 2 – Rebuilding the Greatest Economy

In this new series, Trump’s America, we’re going to look at key issues that illustrate how starkly divided Americans are as they go to vote this fall. Part 2: Rebuilding the Greatest Economy. The economic recovery is one of the key issues of the upcoming presidential election. President Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden have presented two vastly different economic plans. Which one will improve the prosperity of America? Newt’s guest is businessman Andrew Puzder, author of: The Capitalist Comeback: The Trump Boom and the Left’s Plot to Stop It.

Pelosi’s Radical Bill – Part 5: Economic Recovery

Nancy Pelosi’s radical $3 trillion bill has many provisions in it, that if passed, would dramatically change our country. In this episode, Newt discusses how Pelosi’s bill will slow down the economic recovery. Part 5 of a special podcast series detailing Nancy Pelosi’s so called, HEROES Act.