Why 1994 Matters in 2024

We decided to write “March to the Majority” as a history of our success in building the first GOP House majority in 40 years – and as a playbook Republicans could use today to create a better American future.

March to the Majority

In “March to the Majority,” New York Times bestselling author Newt Gingrich takes readers behind the scenes of the Republican Revolution in 1994 and the rise of the modern GOP.

The Catholic Sisters the Dodgers Should Honor

Women religious selflessly dedicate their lives to courageously serving others around the world. These are the Catholic sisters that the Los Angeles Dodgers should honor.

Congress Must Save the Marine Corps

Shifting resources away from a combined arms Marine Corps to a technologically advanced but combat weak force is the wrong move. Congress should demand in depth hearings and a thorough review of this strategy, which will almost certainly fail its stated intent of offsetting Communist China at sea. 

Remembering Our Heroes this Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, we extend our deepest gratitude to our fallen heroes, their families, and all who have served in our armed forces. May their sacrifice inspire us to cherish and safeguard the precious liberties they fought to preserve.

A.I. Could Help Disabled Americans in the Digital Age

Government officials, industry leaders, and those in the disability community must come together to find solutions to challenges and barriers that inhibit internet accessibility and usability for millions of Americans.

Bigger than Watergate

It is clear from the Durham Report and the work of House Republican hearings that the current scandals in the Biden White House are much deeper and more cancerous than Watergate ever was.