Mistreatment of National Guard is a National Disgrace

Members of the National Guard are being forced to stay at the Capitol and protect our lawmakers from imagined threats. If government wants to force them to stay, it is only right that they start adhering to two rules: Treat the National Guard with the utmost respect, and crack down with police force the next time a BLM riot happens. Otherwise, the White House and Congress need to send the National Guard home.

Cuomo’s Playbook: When Pointing Fingers Doesn’t Work, Raise Taxes

Gov. Andrew Cuomo seems to have an affinity for bringing harmful progressivism to the once thriving state of New York. From his interference in an ethics committee in 2014 to expanding abortion rights in some cases up to birth through the Reproductive Health Act in 2019, Cuomo’s governorship is shrouded in accounts of moral greyness.

Frack You, Too!

While campaigning for the presidency, Joe Biden gave America whiplash from how often he flip-flopped on whether he supported banning fossil fuels or not. It turns out Biden knew all along what he wanted to do, and that most Americans would not be pleased with his plan of action

Why Newsom Needs to Go

The decline of California has been occurring for many years now, but the election of Gov. Gavin Newsom has accelerated the decay of the once thriving state

Celebrating Thanksgiving Alone – A Look on the Bright Side

In an age of uncertainty and forced adaptivity, being alone on Thanksgiving is highly possible. In fact, my brother was exposed to COVID-19 and must quarantine on Thanksgiving. I wouldn’t feel so bad for him if he weren’t the kind of person who burns microwavable popcorn. Even colleges and universities around the nation are trying to convince students to stay on campus for the holiday, pushing “friendsgiving” and other ways to celebrate in the dorms to slow the spread.