In Cold War II, China Has Few Friends — and Many Potential Enemies

By Aaron Kliegman | March 5, 2021
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Mr. President, Genocide Isn’t a ‘Cultural Norm’

By Aaron Kliegman | February 19, 2021
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The Chinese Penetration of America: Part Two

By Newt Gingrich | December 20, 2020

The threat of the Chinese Communist dictatorship penetrating the United States is not a problem for the future. It is a crisis now.

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The US and China: Two Competing Visions

By Aaron Kliegman | December 16, 2020

The US and China are competing for global influence, and Beijing’s pitch to the world is simple: Choose us, and through economic development, we’ll make you rich more efficiently. Plus, the pitch continues, we don’t care what you do inside your own borders; just don’t question what we do either, follow our rules, and we all prosper. This message is appealing to developing countries, which want more money, and non-democratic countries, which don’t want to be bothered about democracy and human rights. But even Western countries can be seduced by Chinese money and talk of major infrastructure projects.

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The Chinese Communist Dictatorship and the Domination of America

By Newt Gingrich | December 16, 2020

The United States is close to being dominated by companies and wealthy individuals who are deeply indebted to – and afraid of – the Chinese Communist dictatorship.

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Hunter Biden and Tuesday’s Debate

By Newt Gingrich | September 25, 2020

The American people must know about the Biden family cronyism, corruption, and dishonesty before they even think about giving them access to the oval office.
Tuesday night is a great time to start.

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Biden in His Own Words – Words Matter

By Newt Gingrich | July 20, 2020

Joe Biden is certainly a gaffe machine. He has even said so himself. It seems miraculous that a candidate as unskilled at communication could make it this far, and yet here he is. It is clear that the Democrats have become accustomed to explaining away the various and sundry blunders and boo-boos as Biden bungles his way across the campaign trail. It must get tiring.

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For China, Repression at What Cost?

By Aaron Kliegman | July 17, 2020
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Biden in His Own Words – Foreign Policy and China

By The Gingrich 360 Team | June 29, 2020

President Trump has been the toughest American leader when it comes to China in modern history. Has Biden forgotten President Trump’s aggressive – and successful – trade fight with China? Has his campaign decided to ignore President Trump’s sharp criticism (and tough actions) against the Chinese Communist Party once it was clear China’s leadership had lied to the world about COVID-19?

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China Wants the World, and Don’t Forget It

By Aaron Kliegman | June 26, 2020

For decades, American elites argued that China would, over time, become a democracy through trade, global interdependence, and greater economic freedom. The theory was logical but wrong.

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