Newt Gingrich on America’s Newsroom | December 30, 2020

Newt shares why conservatives in Georgia should vote for Republicans in the runoff elections this week and the impact it will have on politics going forward.


Newt Gingrich
America’s Newsroom
December 30, 2020


Well of course she should have recused herself. How can you have your sister on the bench when you’ve given two and a half million dollars to the people filing the suit? How can your sister pretend to be a judge that’s going to be neutral? This is one more example of why this year has had the most corrupt elections, I think in my lifetime and maybe a hundred years. Also, notice what the argument of the Democrat says. Just because somebody has moved doesn’t mean that they can’t be voted even if they are no longer there. Then, you have to wonder about all those drop boxes and who’s going to vote those people who have already moved. And in only two counties we are talking about 4,000 votes and those aren’t the really big counties. So you’ve seen this again and again all across the country: a desire to maximize the vote of people who don’t exist, people who died in people who moved out of state and in that sense what we are seeing in Georgia is the same stuff that you’ve been watching. But also because the election is so close next week and it’s a very tight election, I think a combination of turning voters out and making sure the polls aren’t stolen, those two things will probably decide the election because it’s so close. I think that makes it important for the Senate Republicans to get a grip, and not try to play parliamentary games with the president’s $2,000 payment. Both Senator Perdue and Senator Loeffler have come for the president’s $2,000 payment proposal and I think 80% of the country favors it. The Senate Republicans risk throwing away two seats and control of the Senate when they play parliamentary games instead of having a straight up or down vote.


Mitch is an extraordinarily smart guy. He’s focused on the Senate and has booked the long game, he’s a brilliant memoir. But on this one, he’s frankly confused two different things. The long-term control of the U.S. Senate lies in Georgia. Both Georgia senators have endorsed the $2,000 payment that President Trump has proposed, and Mitch ought to bring up the clean vote. He can also bring up repealing section 2:30 which I support, as Lindsey Graham does, as a clean vote. He can bring up a fraud commission as a clean vote. But I really am very worried that if he plays a clever parliamentary game, it may looked good inside the Senate, but it could cost us two Senate seats and control of the Senate so I would beg him to bring up the $2,000 payment as a freestanding independent vote. Not have people like Senator Loeffler and Senator Perdue able to come back and vote for it, take it off the table as an issue. Because frankly, Warnock and Ossoff could be in favor of the $2,000 bill and could attack Mitch McConnell for the next six days, and I think it’s very hard at that point to win the race. This is very straightforward. Once we get this solved, then it’s a straightforward fight with two things: turn out and making sure the ballot count is honest, and I think Republicans have done a great job of developing the best grassroots Georgia has ever seen. I know they are working very hard right now on making sure we get an honest count.


Governor Kemp is exactly right. If every conservative turns out to vote, then I don’t think they will be able to steal the election but if, in fact, it’s too close then I think just as we saw with Stacey Abrams’ sister, that in a very close fight we might have it stolen. So every conservative in Georgia should turn out to vote, in which case I think we will be just fine next Tuesday.