Apply for an Internship

Gingrich 360 is currently looking for interns for Fall 2021.

As part of this once in a lifetime experience, interns will explore the world of Gingrich 360 – where politics, history, and media intersect.  Interns will gain invaluable career experience by learning firsthand from Speaker Gingrich, Ambassador Gingrich, and the Gingrich 360 team, while conducting research, drafting briefings, producing content for documentary films, podcasts and social media, and attending meetings.

Gingrich 360 is a multimedia production and consulting company based in Arlington, Virginia.  Gingrich 360 produces historical and public policy books, documentary films, podcasts, digital content, and newsletters, reaching millions of people in the United States and around the world.

Gingrich 360 also offers strategic planning, consulting, and training, with unique strengths and experience in health, education, national security, and politics.

The internship begins in August/September 2021 and ends in December 2021 (start and end dates are flexible).  Gingrich 360 continues to abide by the COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia.  To enhance the internship experience, interns are encouraged to conduct in-office work.  However, due to the nature of the ongoing pandemic, applications for remote internships will also be considered.  Interns must be able to conduct work during Eastern business hours.

Gingrich 360 is looking for applicants who are organized, problem-solvers, creative, tenacious, and self-starters.  Applicants should have an interest in history, political science, public policy, international relations, television/film/podcast production, digital content, social media, graphic design, photoshop, media relations, communications, journalism, or a related field.

Interns will need to be adept at working across sectors and completing wide-ranging tasks in a timely manner with high quality results.  A desire to learn continuously and a deep sense of curiosity about the world are required.  Diverse professional and cultural experience is a plus. Candidates must show proof of citizenship or other legal authorization to hold employment in the United States.

To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, and a writing sample through the online form by July 12, 2021.

Writing Sample Instructions:

At Gingrich 360, interns have the opportunity to write their own columns that are published on the Gingrich 360 website and sent to Inner Circle subscribers.  Please pick a subject (such as a news story, headline, an ongoing political debate, a domestic policy issue, or a foreign policy issue) and write a 550-750 word opinion editorial on the topic of your choice.  You can take a position, pose a question, expose a double standard, emphasize an overlooked opportunity, or go anywhere you would like with the piece.  Applicants are encouraged to clearly convey their point of view and to be concise and grammatically correct in their prose.

From our interns: What’s it like interning at Gingrich 360?

“My experience here was absolutely amazing. You will be introduced to so many new people and have countless opportunities to better your future career! Getting to work with Newt and the rest of his team is an experience of a lifetime!”
-Riley, Luther College

“I enjoyed every moment I spent at Gingrich 360. You’re not treated like an intern, but as a part of the team with real assignments and work to do.”
-Jenna, University of Oregon

“Interning at Gingrich360 has been an absolute pleasure. The office is full of great people who aren’t afraid to let interns handle important work.”
-Brendan, Cornell University

“Interning for G360 was the most incredible experience. I am so honored that I had the opportunity to work alongside Newt and his extremely talented staff, who all taught me so much. I have met so many amazing people and have learned so many valuable skills that I can’t wait to use in all my future career endeavors.”
-Courtney, Syracuse University

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