Charity of the Month: The National Association for Music Education

The Gingrich Foundation

The Gingrich Foundation is proud to designate the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) as its March Charity of the Month.

March is Music in Our Schools Month, and through support for NAfME, children across the nation will be given the opportunity to enrich their lives through music education.

Music plays a crucial role in helping students experience a complete education. Studying and playing music teaches young people discipline, character, teamwork, creativity, and self-expression. Compelling evidence also exists that links music education with cognitive development and achievement in language and mathematics.

Unfortunately, music programs are being cut or defunded across the country for various reasons. The Gingrich Foundation wants to do what it can to help NAfME see that every child in America can benefit from an education that includes music.

The National Association for Music Education was founded in 1973 in New York State to promote the benefits of learning music. After 48 years, it has expanded into a worldwide campaign to spread musical awareness, involving tens of thousands of students and teachers.

NAfME has executed its mission of promoting the study of music in our schools by providing instructors with resources and advice and creating crucial opportunities for students to perform in concerts and competitions.

In addition, the Give A Note Foundation, built-in 2011 in partnership with NAfME, has given more than $1.4 million to school music programs and helped train many new teachers.

Learning how to play and write music helps students grow and develop socially, personally, and academically. No organization promotes this important part of well-rounded education as well as the National Association for Music Education.

Please join the Gingrich Foundation in supporting the National Association for Music Education this month.