Newt Gingrich on Kudlow | October 26, 2023


Well, look, I think it’s easy to underestimate the depth of the anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic attitudes that are now at the heart of the Democratic Party and are at the heart of the Biden administration. The fact is, supposedly 100 people in the White House went to a meeting to deal with their anxieties about what’s happening, not to deal with anger about 40 babies being killed, babies being beheaded, not to deal with anger about women being raped and dragged through the streets, dead with people spitting on them not to deal with anger about 1400 innocent people being slaughtered. Oh, no. Their anxieties in watch the news media, which is part of the same anti-Israel, anti-Semitic process. Now we’ve suddenly decided that Palestinians who are being hurt only because Hamas uses them as a shield. I mean, this this war could end this evening if Hamas would surrender, but Hamas isn’t going to surrender. And Hamas doesn’t mind Palestinians being killed as long as they are able to put them up on YouTube or on Tik Tok or on some other device to use them for propaganda. Here in the United States, first of all. Anybody who’s here, who’s not a citizen who is participating in anti-Semitic rallies, should be deported. They should lose their green cards or their student visas. They should be gone. Second, we should enforce the law, which already exists, which requires all of these major universities to publicly state where their funding comes from. Because I think between the Chinese and various elements like the Iranians, we would be shocked at the depth of penetration in our system. The Congress right now should be actively investigating the fact that there are at least four Iranian agents working in the Defense and State Department literally people who are Iranian agents. The key person making policy under Obama turned out to be an Iranian agent. And it’s maddening how much we have allowed people who want to destroy our way of life and remember death to America and Death to Israel aren’t just slogans. That is the goal of the Iranian dictatorship. And we are sitting passively. And it’s as though we ignored Stalin and we ignored the Soviet Union. And we’ve been unwilling to deal with the reality of communist penetration. That’s where we are today.


Well, look, let’s be honest. These people are committed to an anti-American value system. They’re committed to being anti-Christian and anti-Jewish. They’re committed to being anti-white. This runs all the way through the Biden administration and now runs through much of the Democratic Party. And it’s a huge problem. And, of course, the campuses which we’re going to basically have to recapture, are currently occupied by people who hate America, professors who say that it’s great the Jews are being killed. I mean, why aren’t those professors summarily fired their whole range of places here we have lost the capacity to stand up for ourselves and to draw a line in the sand and to mean it. And by the way, notice we don’t even defend Americans overseas. The Iranians have been had their various proxies shooting at us for weeks. The Hamas killed 32 Americans. at least with ten missing. Where is the punishment? Where are the Tomahawk missiles? Where is the effort to go right after them? You know, the answer isn’t that we’ve now had both Biden and the secretary of state say we’re going to hold them accountable. Well, the morning I see an Iranian refinery blow up the morning I had to take your ship one step further. The morning I see us impound every Iranian ship at sea. Then I’ll begin to think we’re holding them accountable. Until then, this is a gutless administration which lies to everybody and which is tolerating a level of anti-American and anti-Israeli behavior that’s unthinkable.

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