Offsetting Aid for Israel With Spending Cuts

by Newt Gingrich

The first big decision of Speaker Johnson’s tenure is bound to be controversial. It will likely involve counting votes in the House while simultaneously taking on the White House and the Senate majority. It will also require educating the press and the American people about why this is the right principle for solving our problems.

Simply put, Mr. Johnson has rejected the Biden administration’s huge bill that would lump five different issues – and $105 billion – into one vote. Furthermore, in the tradition of big-spending Washington (which has led to massive debt and destructive inflation) the money in President Biden’s proposal would simply represent new debt with no way to pay for it.

The big spenders in the Senate have a tradition of going along with the White House and spending whatever it takes. (This includes some Republicans who should know better but have spent their entire careers passing huge spending bills to take care of special interests).

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