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U.S Truckers Rise Up, Shut Down Major California Port 

A large group of independent American truckers is protesting California’s gig worker law and shutting down the Port of Oakland, the eighth largest port in the world. The 2019 law demands that companies such as Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash reclassify independent contractors as employees. 

Faith Hawaii- Pain in Paradise

Hawaii: Pain in Paradise

As Americans enjoy vacations in Hawaii, remember that it is no paradise for many of the residents who live there. There is no clearer example of left-wing policies turning paradise into a nightmare.

Newt's World 40 Annv Reagan Tax Cut

Why Reagan Matters Now

President Reagan still matters now because he showed Americans that both parties can work together for a collective goal. The current prices of gas, food, and overall cost of living must not become the new normal.