Newt’s World – Episode 568: The Fall of the FBI

Newt talks with former FBI Special Agent, Thomas J. Baker about his new book, “The Fall of the FBI: How A Once Great Agency Became a Threat to Democracy.” Over time, many Americans have lost faith in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an institution they once regarded as the world’s greatest law-enforcement agency. Specific lapses … Read more

The Wrong Indictments

The planned indictment of President Donald Trump for “mishandling national secrets” is the natural next phase of the leftwing establishment’s arrogance and corruption.

Why 1994 Matters in 2024

We decided to write “March to the Majority” as a history of our success in building the first GOP House majority in 40 years – and as a playbook Republicans could use today to create a better American future.

The Republican Win on the Debt Ceiling

The agreement reached Saturday night between Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden is an historic first step toward shifting government back toward common sense and conservatism.

Congress Must Save the Marine Corps

Shifting resources away from a combined arms Marine Corps to a technologically advanced but combat weak force is the wrong move. Congress should demand in depth hearings and a thorough review of this strategy, which will almost certainly fail its stated intent of offsetting Communist China at sea.