Newt Gingrich Avoiding 1964 in 2024

Avoiding 1964 in 2024

A 2024 election in which the GOP is deeply divided and angry with itself would be an historic disaster similar to 1964.

Newt Gingrich Speaker Kevin McCarthy

Speaker McCarthy

House Republicans have a majority, the Speaker’s gavel, and a chance to prove they can be even more constructive than Nancy Pelosi was destructive. And Kevin McCarthy has earned this opportunity.

Episode 423: Restoring the America that Works

How to Watch Election Night

There is no question that Republicans are poised to win races across the country in a red wave. But the magnitude of the victory and how it washes across the American political landscape will have profound implications for the parties, the major players, and the future of our country.

Newt Gingrich A Challenging Weekend for Democrats

A Challenging Weekend for Democrats

Joe Biden has not addressed the things that matter to most Americans. He has denigrated over half the country and pushed them into angry opposition.

xNewt Gingrich You Must Make a Choice

You Must Make a Choice

If you love this country, you have an absolute obligation to vote. It’s important to remember that Americans risk their lives every day all around the world to give you the privilege of voting. To choose not to vote is an abrogation of your duty to them.

What is the White House Staff Thinking?

The American people are deeply concerned about the cost of gas, groceries, crime, and chaos at the southern border. So, why would White House staff schedule Biden to meet with a radical lifestyle activist who represents a movement with which most Americans disagree?