Lisa Boothe Dana Loesch Podcast

The Truth with Lisa Boothe – Episode 8: Sticking to Your Guns with Dana Loesch

For her latest podcast, Lisa talks with someone who has been at the receiving end of these attacks but comes back stronger each time: Dana Loesch. They discuss Dana’s story, freedom in America, what’s next for her career, and what the Biden administration wants to do to curtail the Second Amendment.

The Truth with Lisa Boothe – Episode 4: Who’s Thinking of the Students? An Interview with Sec. Betsy DeVos

Teachers’ unions care about their pocketbooks. Politicians care about their agendas. But who’s looking after the best interests of the students? For this podcast, Lisa finds out why no one in power seems to be asking this question. And she has the perfect guest to help dissect the state of our nation’s education system: former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

The Truth with Lisa Boothe – Episode 2: Are We Still Free? Sen. Rand Paul on COVID-19 Overreach

Elites have used the COVID-19 crisis to exercise unprecedented control over our lives. For this podcast, Lisa discusses the effort to force us to submit to the “new normal” with Sen. Rand Paul. They lay bare the ongoing assault on our precious freedoms and call out the pseudoscience of the so-called experts who, along with Democratic politicians, want to dictate our lives. Sen. Paul and Lisa also confront cancel culture and tackle a most troubling question: Are we still a free country?