Washington War on the Suburbs Newt's World Podcast

Newt’s World – Episode 114: The War on the Suburbs

There is a war on the suburbs in this country, when Washington bureaucrats come into your town and force changes in local zoning laws in the name of fair housing. This is how one county in New York fought back. Newt’s guest is Rob Astorino, former Westchester County Executive.

Rob Smith Podcast Rob Smith is Problematic

Newt’s World – Episode 113: Why is Rob Smith Problematic?

Introducing “America’s Favorite Black, Gay, Veteran, Republican” Rob Smith. Rob lets the radical left know they don’t own him, but his problematic views sometimes rattle conservatives too. His new podcast, Rob Smith is Problematic, is part of the Gingrich 360 network.

President Donald Trump Lee Smith Newt's World Podcast

Newt’s World – Episode 110 – The Permanent Coup with author Lee Smith

In Lee Smith’s new book, The Permanent Coup: How Enemies Foreign and Domestic Targeted the American President, he unravels the plot by political operatives, intelligence officials, and the press. Beginning in 2015, these forces pushed a conspiracy theory about President Trump, saying he was a Russian asset, and they spied on his campaign and his presidency in order to undo an election. Newt’s guest is author, Lee Smith.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Newt's World Podcast

Newt’s World – Episode 109: The Immortals: Dwight D. Eisenhower – Part 1

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during World War II and the 34th President of the United States from 1953-1961. In Part 1: Eisenhower understood war as only a soldier could. Newt discusses Eisenhower’s early years, military training, and leadership. This is part of the Immortals leadership series.

Robert Woodson Sr. Newt's World Podcast

Newt’s World – Episode 108 – What Really Matters for Black Lives?

When we talk about Black Lives Matter my guest has made the well-being of the black community his life-long mission. Robert L. Woodson, Sr. is the founder of the Woodson Center. The Center’s mission is to transform lives, schools, and troubled neighborhoods, from the inside out.

George Soros Newt's World Podcast

Newt’s World – Episode 106: On Crime with Mayor Rudy Giuliani

America’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, joins Newt for a candid discussion about the reasons behind the increase in shootings and crime in our cities and George Soros’s funding of District Attorney elections. And what can we all do, as Americans, to preserve law and order.

Bill Clinton State of the Union Newt Gingrich Newt's World Podcast

Newt’s World – Episode 105 – Negotiating vs. Surrendering

Newt spent years negotiating on Capitol Hill and he learned some valuable lessons. In this episode, he’s sharing what he learned with his listeners and describing when in the process of negotiating you should never back down.

Sean Hannity Newt Gingrich Newt's World Podcast

Newt’s World -Episode 103: Live Free or Die – A Conversation with Sean Hannity

Newt and Sean Hannity have been friends for 30 years. In this episode, they reminisce about their long friendship and shared conservative values. They also discuss the upcoming presidential election and Sean Hannity’s new book, Live Free or Die: America (and the World) on the Brink is on sale Tuesday, August 4th.