Nancy Mace Newt Gingrich Women Winning

Women Winning

No matter the outcome of the presidential election, one fact is abundantly clear: There is a wave of Republican women sweeping the nation. The Republican party is welcoming seven (subject to change) women to the US House, with the possibility of welcoming six more whose races are still being tallied.  

California Forest Fires 2020

Fiery Politics Part 1 – California’s Catastrophe

California’s forests are burning. California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, says fires are raging because of climate change. Many scientists, however, attribute the spread of fires to improper forest management. They agree that prescribed burns and preventative fire measures must be implemented in California so that if fires start, there is less “fuel” (dead trees) to elevate the fires to uncontainable levels.

Biden in His Own Words – Frack You Pennsylvania!

Biden in His Own Words – Frack You Pennsylvania!

Joe Biden and the Democratic party have had a hard time defining their specific policy plans should Biden win in November, and Biden’s speech in Pittsburg last Monday was no better. In fact, Biden’s Pittsburgh speech highlights just how confused his party’s policy plans are by putting his comments about fracking in direct opposition with his democratic debate position on the topic.