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Biden Should Push to Develop a ‘Vaccine’ Against Chronic Illnesses

By Joe DeSantis | April 23, 2021
Joe DeSantis Biden Should Push to Develop a Vaccine Against Chronic Illnesses

The federal government should take a lesson from COVID-19 and establish an “Operation Warp Speed” for the development of a “vaccine” against age-related chronic disease.

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A Treatment for Aging? Revolutionary New Science Could Help Us Live Healthier and Longer.

By Joe DeSantis | March 3, 2021
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Study: Adding a Few Pounds Later in Life May Help You Live Longer

By Joe DeSantis | February 6, 2021

A new study from Ohio State University looked at 60 years of health data from thousands of people and their children to analyze trends in mortality and bodyweight.

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To Make Health Care Affordable, Stop Focusing on Insurance

By Joe DeSantis | February 3, 2021

It is time for a new treatment plan for what ails American health care, one that gets to the root cause of the problem and that both parties can unite around. It is not lack of coverage that is causing health care costs to rise. Instead, it is high health care prices and high health care demand.

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How Star Trek Became Woke Trek

By Joe DeSantis | December 11, 2020

The latest offering in the franchise, called Star Trek: Discovery, is being criticized in some circles for being too political. I think this criticism is off base. The problem with Discovery isn’t that it is too political, or even too liberal. Its problem is that it is too woke.

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Big Insurance Companies Should Be Nervous About Their Future

By Joe DeSantis | November 20, 2020

The likely prospect of divided government in Washington means that major health legislation is unlikely anytime soon. But this does not mean big insurance companies can count on the status quo for long. Three interlocking trends are conspiring to dramatically reduce the role of big insurance companies in the American health care system.

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Yes, Trump Has A Healthcare Plan. And He’s Been Implementing It For 3+ Years

By Joe DeSantis | September 30, 2020

Thanks to President Trump and his 1,000 step approach on health reform, we are on our way to a transparent, patient-focused, health care system that delivers much better care and coverage at much lower costs.

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Gingrich 360 Future of Health Care Survey – Health Wearables

By Joe DeSantis | September 8, 2020

1000 Registered Voters March 24-25, 2020 Conducted by The Winston Group Wearables Questions Do you have a wearable device to track fitness … Read more

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Six Ways You Would Benefit From A Republican Health Care Plan

By Joe DeSantis | August 23, 2020

President Trump has made it clear that he wants to make Republicans the “party of health care.”
He has issued several executive orders that have made more affordable health coverage options available to Americans, both by stabilizing the broken Obamacare individual market and by giving Americans more alternative health plan choices.

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