What Could be Nancy Pelosi's Role in the 2020 Election

Pelosi’s Radical Bill – Part 5: Economic Recovery

Nancy Pelosi’s radical $3 trillion bill has many provisions in it, that if passed, would dramatically change our country. In this episode, Newt discusses how Pelosi’s bill will slow down the economic recovery. Part 5 of a special podcast series detailing Nancy Pelosi’s so called, HEROES Act.

Chicago Crime 2021

Do Black Lives Matter in Chicago

With at least 102 Americans shot and at least 13 dead and the likelihood that many of these victims were African Americans – where is the organization called Black Lives Matter in Chicago?

Newt Gingrich Trump Is Trying to Counter Foreign Influence, Not Invite It

China Wants the World, and Don’t Forget It

For decades, American elites argued that China would, over time, become a democracy through trade, global interdependence, and greater economic freedom. The theory was logical but wrong.

George Floyd Riots

How Not to Fight Racism: A Progressive Guide

Since George Floyd’s killing, woke progressives have been teaching a master class on how to perpetuate racism. But the fact remains that the protests and riots, the toppling of statues and vandalizing of monuments, and the visceral hostility toward law enforcement all ensure that intolerance is here to stay.