Faith Hawaii- Pain in Paradise

Hawaii: Pain in Paradise

As Americans enjoy vacations in Hawaii, remember that it is no paradise for many of the residents who live there. There is no clearer example of left-wing policies turning paradise into a nightmare.

Newt's World 40 Annv Reagan Tax Cut

Why Reagan Matters Now

President Reagan still matters now because he showed Americans that both parties can work together for a collective goal. The current prices of gas, food, and overall cost of living must not become the new normal.

Jessica A New Majority

The Great Party Migration

The great party migration conveys the general dissatisfaction and disappointment among American voters in the Biden administration.

Swinging for the Fences: The Importance of Swing States

Swinging for the Fences: The Importance of Swing States

Much like 2016, the 2020 election is expected to be a close contest. We might not even have a clear winner on Election Day. Which makes these final days of the campaign all the more important, as President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden make their final rounds across the country. Naturally, both candidates are focusing primarily on many of the same states as time to campaign runs out. But why visit states such Florida and Pennsylvania repeatedly?

Joe Biden Presidential Debate

The Case Against Biden (in His Own Words)

There was a lot to regret about this election cycle – social media oligopolies abandoned every vestige of impartiality, American cities went up in flames as racial tensions reached a fever pitch, the mainstream media turned into a protection racket for the candidate they favored and a pandemic arrived from China just when it seemed like President Trump was coasting to re-election. However, given all that, one should be thankful for the perspective this election cycle has provided.

Newt Gingrich The Bunny Rabbit, the Bear, and the Bees: A 2020 Election Fable

The Bunny Rabbit, the Bear, and the Bees: A 2020 Election Fable

The Bunny has spent 47-years in office and now he promises to fix everything he has not fixed (or indeed broken) over a half-century. Meanwhile in four short years, the Bear has kept its word on every major policy, reformed the judiciary, grown the strongest economy in American history, created the lowest unemployment for African Americans and Latino Americans, and aggressively pursued a bold plan for vaccines for COVID-19.