The Swindlers of the Lincoln Project

If you want to see how ugly and dishonest politics can get, go to Manhattan. There in Times Square, you’ll see two new billboards. One shows a smiling Ivanka Trump gesturing toward the number of New Yorkers and Americans who have died from the coronavirus, as if she’s celebrating their deaths.

Newt Gingrich Every Vote Matters

Every Vote Matters

By now, I expect many of you who are reading this have made up your minds about who you want to be President of the United States in 2021 and to serve you in the US House and US Senate. However, I suspect some of you still need to be convinced of something: To go and cast your ballots.

Newt Gingrich Hidden Trump Voters and the Mystery of 2020

Hidden Trump Voters and the Mystery of 2020

There is a hidden Trump vote that too many pollsters aren’t taking into account. And these Americans, forced to hide their politics in the shadows, may very well give us another four years of President Trump.

Biden in His Own Words: A Debate to Forget

Biden in His Own Words: A Debate to Forget

Entering Thursday’s debate, the Trump campaign faced two challenges: getting the President’s points past the moderator and avoiding ill-advised interruptions that cut into Biden’s string of bland platitudes. Not only did President Trump avoid those pitfalls, but Joe Biden committed himself to policy positions that appeal to nobody outside community organizing collectives and tenured college faculty.

Newt Gingrich Twelve Days for A Winning Campaign

Twelve Days for A Winning Campaign

President Donald Trump had a great closing debate. His tone was presidential. His discipline made the debate feel far more substantive and appropriate than the first debate.