Rob Smith is Problematic

To be ‘problematic’ is to present a problem or difficulty.  Rob Smith is Problematic because as “America’s Favorite Black, Gay Veteran Republican” – he lets the radical left know they don’t own him, but his problematic views also get him in trouble with conservatives too.  That’s because being problematic is about thinking for yourself, as he encourages EVERYONE to do as we tackle the biggest cultural and political issues of the moment.  Join him as he gives his uniquely problematic take on news, politics, pop culture, and the issues that will define America’s future.

Rob Smith is Problematic – Episode 33: The Mainstream Media’s Furious Rush to Demonize Ron DeSantis‬

By Rob Smith | April 7, 2021

The mainstream media is launching an all-out assault on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. For this podcast, Rob calls out the so-called journalists who are leaving behind whatever credibility they have left to take him down as a coronavirus villain.

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Rob Smith is Problematic – Episode 32: Lil’ Nas X and the Left’s Descent Into Hell

By Rob Smith | March 30, 2021

For this podcast, Rob explains by talking about culture in a way that you normally don’t hear from conservatives. Plus, Rob spells out why you should be worried that big business can’t wait to get into bed with the Biden administration to promote COVID-19 vaccine passports.

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Rob Smith is Problematic – Episode 31: Biden’s Border Crisis, the Media’s Complicity, and the Left’s True Agenda For Illegal Immigration‬

By Rob Smith | March 24, 2021

Joe Biden’s border crisis is exploding, and the left is being revealed as immoral, incompetent, and unapologetic. For this episode, Rob exposes the hypocrisy and double standards of Democrats and the media when it comes to immigration policy.

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Rob Smith is Problematic – Episode 30: Sharon Osbourne, Chris Harrison, and How Cancel Culture Could Be Coming for You Next

By Rob Smith | March 17, 2021

The cancel culture crackdown may be coming for Hollywood elites now, but it could be coming for you next. For this episode, Rob exposes the absurdity of cancel culture by looking at actual cases of the woke mob trying to destroy people’s livelihoods. 

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Rob Smith is Problematic – Episode 29: The Idiotic Divisions Rattling the Conservative Movement‬

By Rob Smith | March 10, 2021

Donald Trump brought in Blacks, gays, Latinos, and others who completely transformed the conservative movement, but his absence has brought about some nutty divisions that are currently rattling Republicans. On this episode, Rob gets real problematic and discusses how some conservatives are now deemed “not black enough,” while other conservatives think there are just too many gays.

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Rob Smith is Problematic – Episode 28: The Time to Fight for Your Freedoms is Now‪

By Rob Smith | March 3, 2021

COVID-19 has allowed leftist authoritarians to trample over our freedoms. On this episode, Rob has a simple message: Now is the time to fight for our freedoms before we lose them forever. Elites are using the pandemic to control us with so-called emergency powers, which give them a license to rule as they please. Some liberals are speaking out, but Democrats have become the party of lockdowns and the police state. The bottom line is this: It’s fear that’s keeping the authoritarians in power. Stop giving them your fear and start using your voice.

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Rob Smith is Problematic – Episode 27: What the Media Isn’t Telling You About President Biden

By Rob Smith | February 24, 2021

After one month in office, Joe Biden is showing you exactly who he is. On this episode, Rob takes a deeper look into who Biden is, what he thinks, and what he’s doing as president. Someone needs to do it because the mainstream media sure won’t. Too many journalists are taking a nap or, worse, whitewashing Biden’s most egregious words and actions. Specifically, Rob discusses how Biden has racialized the coronavirus response and dismissed genocide as a cultural norm that he shouldn’t bring up to China. Buckle up for this can’t-miss episode.

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Rob Smith is Problematic – Episode 26: Gina Carano’s KO: Conservatives FINALLY Fight Back In The Culture War‪s

By Rob Smith | February 16, 2021

Conservatives tend to roll over and concede the culture wars to the left. On this episode of Rob Smith is Problematic, Rob discusses how to fight back against this cultural assault on us all — and gave a big middle finger to cancel culture in the process.

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Rob Smith is Problematic – Episode 25: AOC’s Capitol Lie and the Left’s post-truth Er‪a‬

By Rob Smith | February 10, 2021

AOC lied to you and the rest of the American people about the Capitol riot — and got away with it. On this episode, Rob explains how the congresswoman lied and what it means for the country.

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Rob Smith is Problematic – Episode 24: GameStop Drama And The Battle Between The People Vs. The Elites

By Rob Smith | February 3, 2021

On this episode, Rob discusses why so many of our society’s problems are really about the elites versus the people, not left versus right. To explain, he digs into the recent craziness from the stock market — especially how Robinhood shut down small traders following Wall Street’s GameStop fiasco.

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