Little Sisters of the Poor

What Newt’s Reading | July 14, 2020

What Newt’s Reading: Biden Promises to Continue the Democratic Party’s Crusade Against Catholics; Absentee Ballots Didn’t Get Counted Because of Late Delivery, Misdelivery, and Bad Postmarks, Post Office Says; The Fragility of the Woke; AOC & Dems Launch Absurd Boycott of Goya Foods After CEO Joins Trump Pro-Hispanic Initiative; and Police Wrestle With Surge in Crime in US Cities Amid Defunding Efforts.

Newt Gingrich Defund vs Defend: The Great Republican Opportunity

Defund vs Defend: The Great Republican Opportunity

A major choice in this year’s election will be between defunding or defending police. Most Americans are worried by the rise in crime and dramatic increase in violence in some of our nation’s cities after Democrat leaders withdrew their police forces in the face of radical, violent leftwing protests. Most Americans believe the vacuum created by defunding the police is going to be filled with predators and dangerous criminals — not with social workers and do-gooders.

Aaron Kliegman FDR, LBJ, … JRB?

Biden in His Own Words – False Confidence

Looking at recent election polls, it’s not hard to see why Joe Biden feels so confident that he’ll win the election this November. National polling data from almost every prominent outlet indicates that Biden is the candidate favored to win. The excitement of seeing himself in the lead, if only by a few points, seems to have gone straight to his head.

Gingrich 360 What Newt’s Reading | July 10, 2020

What Newt’s Reading | July 10, 2020

What Newt’s Reading: I Am Black and I Am a Democrat. But ‘I Ain’t’ Voting for Joe Biden This November; ‘Threat to Our Democracy’: GOP Senator Demands Ilhan Omar Resignation; New Foreign Broadcasting Chief Cleans House, Pushes Pro-America Reporting; The North American Trade Dividend; and Georgia Is Doing Fine, Thank You.